Course name: Welding co2 welding course ,welding MIG, MAG
Course type: Education Courses
Welding co2 welding course ,welding MIG, MAG

Welding co2 welding course ,welding MIG, MAG

CO2 welding training course topics:

Section (1) CO2 Welding (MIG / MAG / GMAW)
1. Understanding Types of Non-Melting Welding Processes - Fusion
2. Familiar with a variety of welding devices
3. Recognition of the types of polarity and current in welding
4. Identification of the CO2 process parameters (MIG / MAG)
5. Identifying the types of protective gases in welding
6. Familiarity with the duty of the heater
7. Understanding how to set the parameters in the process (MIG / MAG)
8-Welding line training
9-Practice connecting the lips together
10-Practice Creating Head-to-Head Connections
11-Exercise to create an external angle connection
12-Practice Connect Tri-Pass single-pass
13-Exercise Creating a Triple Pass Multi-Pass Zickzak
14-Practice Connecting Three Parodies Multi-Pass Direct
15-Exercise Creating Head-Up Multi-Pass
16-Practice connecting downhill
17-Exercise to create a ceiling connection

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