About Us

 By obtaining appropriate application space and completing the necessary educational infrastructures in 2012, it was able to obtain an agreement of principle

 In seven fields of study (electricity, electronics, facilities, welding, civil engineering, architecture and performing arts) and 88 professions, the following fields were mentioned.

This educational complex was established with the aim of developing and applying training and promoting the quantitative and qualitative level of the industry and art

  Fortunately, at the moment, this institute has been able to play an effective role in education as the first and the largest technical school with well-equipped and fully equipped workshops.

So today, the place of such training in the country's technical vocational education system is undeniable

 It should be noted that the trainees of this institute are proud of all the industries in all industries

The work and dedication of these loved ones in vocational training and entry into the job market is commendable