Boiling Inspection Training Course

Boiling Inspection Training Course

Boiling Technical Inspection Headings

1-AMAW Understanding the welding process

2-GMAW Understanding Welding Processes

3-GTAW Understanding Welding Processes

4-SAW Introduction to welding processes

5-ESW familiarity with welding processes

6-EGW Introduction to welding processes

7. Familiar with how to name the steel electrode

8. Familiarity with how to name a stainless steel electrode

9. Familiar with how to name the aluminum electrode

10. Inspection of Aluminum Electrode

11-AL How to check the welding wire

12-Inspecting the welding wire of stainless steel

13-Method of inspection of steel welding wire

14. Familiarity with the way of edging and its types

15. Familiarity with various types of welding conditions and their properties

16-WPS familiar with

17-PQR familiar with

18. Familiarity with welding defects

19-DT Introduction to inspection methods

20-NDT Introduction to inspection methods

1-VT (18 hours)

2-PT (12 hours)

3-MT (12 hours)

4-UT (30 hours)

5-RT (30 hours)

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