Course name: The training course for installations and plumbing works of grade 1 and 2 from zero to one hundred
Course type: Education Courses
The training course for installations and plumbing works of grade 1 and 2 from zero to one hundred

The training course for installations and plumbing works of grade 1 and 2 from zero to one hundred

Professional technical complex of Soroush Javid with professional and international professional qualification (Certificate Degree: Immigration, Licensing, Delegation) with a workshop equipped with training facilities (hot and cold water pipelines and 2nd and 1st grade sanitary facilities). The theoretical form is practical and operational.

Tutorials for training the facilities (hot and cold plumbing, installation of 2nd and 1st grade dampers) below and get acquainted with the training calendar of the training facilities (hot and cold plumbing and installation of 2nd and 1st grade dampers).

1. Using instruments and converting units (temperature and pressure, etc.)

2. Instrumentation and recognition of the types of wrenches and how to drill and rivets

3. Ability to draw maps and draw three faces and perspective. Simple piping plumbing and acronyms.

4. Ability to cut steel pipes and fittings and close plumbing circuit

5) Steel pipe fitting and fitting of plumbing circuit

6. Connection of polymer pipes and the method of ironing for single-layer pipes and identification of joints

7. Closure of training circuits with single-layer tubes

8. Connecting the five-layer compilation tubes and how to press the combined tubes with the press

9. Closure of training circuits or combined tubes

10-Familiarity and Insulation of Tubes (Thermal and Moisture)

11. Hot and cold water pipes

12. Implementation of sanitary piping and ventilation and rainwater

13. Understanding the types of valves

14. Ability to install a variety of sanitary facilities into the plumbing system

15. Ability to install and connect all kinds of direct water heaters

16. Ability to test different types of pipes and leak detection methods

17. Familiarity with the central heating engine room and the recognition of the equipment used in the engine room and the torch

18. Double-glazed tanks and expansion tank

19. Familiarity with gas boiling devices and preliminary welding

20. Practicing

Section 2: Training of hot and cold water plumbing and sanitary equipment of grade 1 (standard: 71/06/1 / 2-8)

21. The ability to map hot and cold water pipes and sanitary sanitary facilities

22. Ability to estimate pipe and fittings consumption and how to measure and calculate pipe diameters

23. Plumbing and installing fusing and flange fittings

24- Electric and gas welding (iron and steel tubes and copper pipes)

25 - Familiar with a variety of copper pipes and copper plumbing, and a tulle and connection method

26. Calculating collectors and how they are made

27. Identify the types of pumps and the mechanical connection

28. Familiarity with single-phase and three-phase electricity (building and industrial electricity)

29. Water supply in high-rise buildings and so on

30. Familiarity with the water meter and the method of calculating the main pipe diameter and diameter of the building

31. Carry out maintenance and repair of sanitary and hygiene equipment

32-Calculation of the double-glazed spa reservoir and expansion tank

33. Familiarity with plumbing types, installation of fire extinguishers and its accessories

34. Familiarity with the pool and jacuzzi and plumbing system

35. Implementation of practical project and apprenticeship

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