Course name: Interior decoration design training course
Course type: Education Courses
Interior decoration design training course

Interior decoration design training course

Professional technical complex of Soroush Javid with a professional and international professional degree (Certificate Degree: Immigration, business license, representation) with a workshop equipped with training (internal architecture, interior decoration design) Theoretical, practical and executive training he is doing it
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1. Familiarity with colors and color cycles and meanings of colors and mental effects of the creator

2. Familiar with a variety of contrast patterns

3. Principles of color composition

4. Familiar with complementary colors

5- Make different color patterns * Color

6- Generate all kinds of color metallized tape

7. Colors and layouts in different styles

*Feng Shui

1. Familiarity with Feng Shui science

2. Feng Shui Typical Styles

3- Five Elements in Feng Shui

4- Getting a Bagura Tablet using it in the interior decoration

5. Dividing the home or work spaces according to the eight directions

6- Feng Shui in residential homes


1- Types of lighting in the interior architecture

2. General Light

3. Light duty

4. Lighting

5. Decorative lighting

6. Determine light and color spectrum types

7. Spotlights and lighting layers

8. Lighting ideas in residential and non-residential spaces


1. Materials and materials for general merchandise

2- Impact of materials on changing space and impact on individuals

3. Familiarity with Polystylene plaster

4. Familiarity with the types of flooring and walls

5. Familiar with a variety of building stones

6. Modern materials

* Decoration stylistics

1- Definition and Stylistic Symbols / Byzantine Style Lightness / Styles in general

2. Familiarity with a variety of styles and decorations

Iranian / Minimalism / Classical / Romantic / Classic with New Interpretation / Moorish / Japanese / Chinese / Moroccan / Egyptian / Hindi / Roman / Greek

3- Familiarity with a variety of styles in corusation

Coco / Victorian / English / Art Nouveau / Art Deco / French / Swedish / Baroque / Gothic / Origami / Mono-chromatic

4. Familiarity with a variety of styles in decoration

Georgian / Classic New / Madre / Advanced / European / American / Unofficial and official contemporary

5- Stylistics of furniture

* Principles of Layout

1- The layout and its general principles

2- Choosing suitable flooring and wallpaper

3- Choosing furniture and how to put it

4. Types of furniture and its application in different styles

5- Appropriate standards for layout

6. Application of plant and its fit with space

7. Focal Point / Reception / Sleep / Kitchen layout

8- Layout inside kitchens

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