Course name: AutoCAD AutoCAD Training Course
Course type: Education Courses
AutoCAD AutoCAD Training Course

AutoCAD AutoCAD Training Course

Part (1) Two-dimensional AutoCAD Tutorial
1. Familiar with the environment and tools in the two-dimensional AutoCAD program
2. Familiar with all the drawing commands in AutoCAD
3. Familiar with all modify commands (editors).
4. Familiar with all commands between the command
5. Familiar with the format menu and its commands to create linear, text, dimensional, and ...
6. Familiarity with the skaps and the need to use them in drawing
7. Familiarity with layering and the need to use layers in maps
8. Use the library of objects and external resources
9. Working with layers and standardization
10-Draw Layouts and Plotting
Part (2) 3D AutoCAD Training
11. Familiarity with AutoCAD Modeling Techniques
12. Familiarity with ucs and coordinate systems in the AutoCAD program
13-Familiarity with the DotCoD Lighting Systems
14. A complete familiarity with the systems of material assignment to the three-dimensional space
15 - A complete familiarity with the Windrobin in the AutoCAD program
16. Final processing and image creation
Section (3) Training of Municipal Affairs
Section (4) See Revit Tutorials:
18. Introducing and familiarizing the program environment
19. Teaching Preliminary Tools
20-Placing and drawing of wall types and layouts, edits and advanced settings and modify
21. Draw the curtain walls and drawings in the window and their settings
22-Puncture training and all kinds of ceilings
23. Details of the ceiling and the ceiling and the flooring
24-Decorative ceilings and Femile volume
25 - Femile volume and practical exercises
26. Draw a variety of fences and its settings
27. Draw a ramp and its configuration
28-Components, Plan Area and Colors, Types of Popups
29-Oxidation, Piling, Ruling, Ceiling and Trussing Structures and Foundation
30-Measure the plan and its settings
31. Draw details and three-dimensional datasheets
32-Advanced volumizing in conjunction with exercise exercises
33-topography and site design
34-Material fabrication and a variety of materialization methods
35-Lighting projection systems and rendering and circular animation
36-Camouflage and facade and cut and sun and shade and meter and estimate

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