Course name: Industrial Eectrical Training Course
Course type: Education Courses
Industrial Eectrical Training Course

Industrial Eectrical Training Course

Professional technical complex of Soroush Javid with a license from the professional technical organization of the country
(Professional and International Professional Qualification Certificate (Certificate of Practice: Immigration, Business License, Delegation)
Workshop equipped with industrial power
The course will be theoretically and 100% workshop
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Section (1) Electrical Engineering Education Grade 2 and Grade 1
1. Recognizing the announcement and operating procedures of each (contactor, biometric, fuse, microswitches, stop and start keys, bulbs and a variety of maps)
2. Building and working of magnetic keys
3. Advantages of Using Mountaineer Keys
4. Single-line maps and flow paths in command and power circuit maps
5. Clamping and commissioning of various control circuits and the power of a three-phase motor by the contactor and the necessary equipment
6-Types of command and power circuits, assembled and external for a three-phase motor to be set up.
7-types of command and power circuits, assemblies, external and terminal for a three-phase, left-handed, right-hand drive, and automatic closing of forklifts and plate machines
8-Types of command, power, assembly, external and terminal of the three-phase electric motor are set up and closed as a star and a triangle.
9. Types of command, power, assembly, external and terminal circuits of the three-phase electric motor are set as star, triangle, left-handed, right-handed.
10 All designed circuits, which will contain a total of 15 work items, will be designed and implemented with command, power, assembly, external and terminal diagrams.
11. After completing the internship, you can setup, troubleshoot, and fix the electrical machines by reading a variety of maps.
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