Course name: Elevator training course
Course type: Education Courses
Elevator training course

Elevator training course

Elevator training course
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To the end: 1397/09/22
Professional technical complex of Soroush Javid with a license from the professional technical organization of the country
(Professional and International Professional Qualification Certificate (Certificate of Practice: Immigration, Business License, Delegation)
(Equipped with elevator (mechanical, electric, maintenance maintenance
The course will be theoretically and 100% workshop
See the syllabus for the curriculum of the curriculum and the graduate student at the below
Learn about the elevator lift course
Section (1) Definition of Elevator
1. Elevator types
2. Lift application
3. Features of elevators
4-Lift pick
5. Basic requirements for lift selection
6. Minimum required lift
7. Elevating the elevation
8. Elevator installation environment

Section (2) engine room
9. Defining the engine room
10-engine room equipment
11-engine room dimensions
12-Stability of the engine room structure
13-door engine room

Section (3) Lifting System (Elevator Engine)
14-electric motors
15-Gearbox Engines
16-jet engines
17-Protection of motors
18-engine chassis
19-Engines under the engine chassis ...

Section (4) Wells and pits for elevators
20-Definition of lift well
21-Lift wells
22-The wall of the elevator well
The number of wells in the elevator
24-Resistance to the bottom of the well
25-Dimensions of the well
26-Height of the well
27-Well drain and engine room ....

Section (5) cabin doors and floors
28-Various cabin and floor cabins
29-semi-automatic door
30-full automatic door
31-Useful height of cabin input
32-Height and width of the door ...

Section (6) male leader
33. Main components of the governor
34 types of governors
35-Place of male leader
36-Select the speed of the governor's performance ...

Section (7) Safety Brake System (Parachute)
37. Types of safety braking systems
38-Parachute installation site
39. Parachute type fit ...

Section (8) Suspension
40-Cabling practices
41. Suspension
42. Specifications of the steel rope
43-Measure the diameter of the steel rope
44. Protection and maintenance ....

Section (9) Yuk and Cab
45-Define the cabin
46 types of cabins
47-Height and cabin entrance width
48-lift capacity
49-ceiling cabin
50-cabin ventilation
51-Cab Light ...

Division (10) balance weights
52-weighted balance frame
53-Dimensions of balance weights
54 kinds of weight balancers.

Section (11) guide rails
55. Directions of the guide
56-Resistance to guide rail
57. Safe operation of the lift
58- Connecting rails
59-Rail brackets
60-elevator lifting structure ...

Section (12) Bumpers
61. Place the bumpers
62. Types of impactors
63. Application of bumpers
64-The main function of the moving bumpers
65. How to connect bumpers ...

Section (13) Electrical switchgear and control panel
66. Installation location of elevator control panel
67. Types of steering boards
68. Task of the command panel (control)
69-Control panel features
70-Emergency power supply
71-Three-phase power supply

Section (14) Relay types
72-Safety relay
73-load control
74-phase control
75. The main elevator lift
76-Grounding or grounding system
77-Types of electrodes ...

Section (15) Recording Box
78-Encoder system
79. Speed ​​control system ....

Section (16) Distance and Tolerance
80 kinds of intervals
81. The distance between the cabin and the wall of the well facing the entrance of the cabins
82. Distance between the cabin and the wall facing the entrance of the cabins without a door (load on)
83. Distance between the cabin and the balance and wall of the well
85-The free space between the wells and under the cabin
86. Well-run tolerances ...

Section (17) Safety
87. Safety tips at the elevator workshop
88. Personal protective equipment ....

Section (18) Maintenance
89 - Repair parts or replace faulty parts
90 -Replacement of a healthy section (setting in the general installation of the piece or the internal settings of the piece)
91. Observe safety and prevention of work-related accidents
92. Ability to map the equipment wiring in the engine room and lift wells
93. Ability to test and adjust parachute regenerator
94. Ability to adjust and pull the wire towers of various elevators and to eliminate their disadvantages
95. Ability to adjust the types of floor door types
96. Ability to adjust the cabin type regatta
97. Ability to eliminate disadvantages of the elevator
98-Ability to use the catalog of service and maintenance

Section 19 Delivery of the elevator (testing and delivery and testing required)

99-Purchase Contract, Elevator Installation
100-Kardad Elevator maintenance and maintenance
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