Course name: CCTV training course (CCTV installation and repair)
Course type: Education Courses

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CCTV training course (CCTV installation and repair)

CCTV training course (CCTV installation and repair)

CCTV training course (CCTV installation and repair)
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By the end of 09/09/2013
Professional technical complex of Soroush Javid with professional and international professional qualification (Certificate Degree: Immigration, Licensing, Delegation) with CCTV cameras workshop (CCTV installation and repair) Theoretical, Practical and operational
CCTV Courses in Practical and Theoretical Courses, Providing Technical and Vocational Qualifications, See the Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum below and learn from the CCTV Curriculum Curriculum.
Surveillance cameras are usually used to monitor indoor and outdoor locations and vary depending on the environment. The first CCTV camera was installed in 1942 by the German Army to monitor how the V2 rocket was fired at the launch site. About seven years later, commercial systems were commercialized in the United States with the name Vericon, and it is noteworthy that the use of these cameras did not require a government license.
The first networked cameras in 1996 were manufactured by Axis, using the Linux software platform. The cameras were designed according to HTTP and RTSP standards, and use IP and network standards for sending images in the form of data (Dataa). The use of network nodes has been increasing day by day due to their growing capabilities.
With the increasing growth of science and short-term education, Soroush Javid School aims to raise the level of science and contribute to the realization of this course of CCTV. In this regard and given the importance of CCTV training, this course is held publicly and privately. The CCTV system consists of three components of cameras, digital video recorder DVRs and monitors.
Traditionally, CCTV systems are used for security purposes in places such as banks, airports, as well as major stores and retailers. The advancement of video surveillance CCTV technology is becoming one of the prevention factors for the loss of valuable assets. Safety and security are management tools. Factory directors and stores are registered to produce visual evidence, and they are also viewed a few miles away from the system.
Section (1) CCTV Courses
1-CCTV Camera CCTV History
2. Preliminary training of various types of CCTV equipment, cameras, recorders, displays and accessories
3-Tutorial: Installing a variety of analog cameras: Bullet, Dome, Box Camera, Pinhole, Mini, PTZ, Ball, Wireless
4-Tutorial: Install all types of network cameras: Bullet, Dome, Box Camera, Pinhole, Mini, PTZ, Ball, Wireless
5. Third-generation HD-SDI surveillance camera installation
6. Educate the resolution and standards of the TVL Test Chart
7. Training of CCD and CMOS Sensors, Sensors Size, HAD, Super HAD, EX-view, Effio-E
8. Different cameras: WDR, DNR, AES, HLC, BLC, Day & Night
9-Tutorial for installing the base and cover, Pan Tilt, KI boards and infrared projectors
10-Check the conditions for installing the camera and locating cameras in the project
11. Introducing a variety of lenses
12-Introduction of various types of cables and connectors used in CCTV
13. Introducing AC & DC power sources and noise sources
14. Installing and installing PTZs and coding them
15-Tutorial Installation and Installation of Image Management Devices (DVR - NVR - Server)
16-Teach network basics and study project details to create a suitable topology
17. Teaching a variety of Active & Passive network equipment
18. NAT and Port Forwarding settings in a variety of modems
19. Simulation of projects by proprietary software
20. Using a variety of related protocols in the network for CCTV (TCP-UDP-DMZ-DDNS-UPNP).
21. How to remotely distribute images under Lan, Wan networks
22-Tutorial to remotely distribute images by mobile with various Android operating systems, IOS, Black Berry, Symbian
23-Familiarity of transmission of images and data by radio and access antennas, bandwidth calculation

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