Course name: Automatic door training and electric shutters
Course type: Education Courses

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Automatic door training and electric shutters

Automatic door training and electric shutters

Automatic door training and electric shutters
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June 1397: to the end
Professional technical complex of Soroush Javid with a license from the professional technical organization of the country
(Professional and International Professional Qualification Certificate (Certificate of Practice: Immigration, Business License, Delegation)
(With workstations equipped with automatic doors (parking, rail, glass, double deck
Electric Shutter (Tobolar, Side, ...) (Visual iPhone, Central Antenna) holds the course theoretically and 100% workshop.
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With the increasing growth of science and short-term education, Soroush Javid School aims to raise the level of science and help to achieve this by introducing a course on automatic door closing and electric shutters. In this regard, and considering the importance of learning about automatic doors, this course is held publicly and privately. Automatic doors are called doorways that are opened and closed in an intelligent and automatic manner. Today, the automatic door opener is used in buildings and parking lots for the sake of human comfort and safety, which mutually creates employment for people Which will have sufficient control over the installation and operation of these systems.
Automatic or automatic doors are called doorways that open and close automatically and do not require human intervention. The early generation of the automated door was invented by a U.S. student in the 1970s. Many believe that the origin of the idea was the conversion of steam energy, air and gas properties into the energy of motion, which was raised 20,000 years ago by the Greek physicist and mathematician Hernandez Hernandez in Alexandria. The benefits of using these doors are to make it easier for people to enter and exit (especially for people with disabilities, the elderly and the disabled). It can also save up to 35% or 50% of energy in a high-traffic area. Typically, the speed of opening and closing these doors can be adjusted according to the need for location, season, season or night hours.
The widespread use of shutter doors was first done by a Ohio student. By placing an advertisement in a local newspaper, he asked people who liked to have such doors to contact him. He was able to receive several orders in a short time and could soon establish the first specialized electric shutter company. These shutter doors were initially considered by the disabled and the elderly. He used the DiHorten method to make his electric shutters, which means he uses a hydraulic system for propulsion. Still using this method to make electric shutters
One of the main drawbacks to this approach is its high cost, especially in small projects. Using this system in industrial factories can be cost effective.
Educational Benefits at Soroush Javid School: Introducing to work from the fourth session during the training, holding classes in five, providing the price list to the learners
Section (1) Training of automatic gates and shutters
1. Familiar with all types of automatic doors (hydraulic, pneumatic, gearbox)
2. Identification of the principles of the inspection and installation of the door, rail and shutters
3. Familiar with the electronic way
4-Introduction of various types of electric doors
5. Measurement and installation of the main base in the door
6. Introduction and installation of circuits
7. Install the antenna and flashing light
8. Install infrared sensor to prevent sudden closing of doors
9. Installing the battery to open and close the door in the absence of electricity
10. Introduction and flow planning
11. How to install and program the central machine
12-Provide full practical installation practice exercises
13-Familiarization and installation of accessories such as control center (control panel), ophthalmic or infrared lights, flash unit, remote control (remote control), bases
14. Practical training on the planning of various types of automatic doors such as BFT, Nice and Beninca and V2 ...
15-Complete training for installation of panel and mechanical and electrical equipment of the system
16-Complete training for the complete simulation of the panel and system equipment
17-Welding instruction in special and required places
18. Determine the distance between the jacks and the door hinges for normal opening and closing
19. Method of measuring and installing the base of the opening and the end of the opener
20. Proper installation of the base unit to open the door to the desired angle.
21-The method of installing the base on the walls that are either side by side or parallel to the wall
22. Introduction of various types of cables and wires for the installation of automatic door accessories and connection to the central unit
23-A way to regenerate all types of jacks
24-How to code the remote controls and add more distances
25-How to handle all types of switching switches and how to define different modes and time intervals by DIP switches
26-Stairs testing to the steps of opening and closing the door
27. Planning for wiring and electricity in different parts
28-Types of centralized mapping
29. Learn the wiring of central devices according to the resources available in the pack
30-Install the magnet locks correctly and why install these locks on the door
31. Install the base types and screw it to the wall or column of the door
32. (Determine the feeding system (central or separate
33. The correct way of marketing in this job and familiarity with its job market
34-Practice and repeat work both on the door and on the central machine
35-Welding instruction in a separate session according to the trainee's need
36. Provide educational films for the installation of fully automated doors
37-Provide Persian Brochures Installation of the Automatic Door System of the Model

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